About Me

Hi my name is Phil and a while ago I decided to get myself a wood burning stove, its something Ive wanted for a long time but one thing I didn’t think about was the wood I would burn and were i was going to store it.

I began searching for advice on how to store my firewood and what I would need. Although I found the advice I was looking for I did have to do a lot of searching.

I decided I would use my knowledge that I gained to build this website and bring all the information that I have collected from all over the web and have it all in one place so that you don’t to do all the searching.

Ive also included products from Amazon that I think you might be interested in and if you click on the link it will take you to their website and I make a small commission if you buy something which helps to pay for the upkeep of this website.

I hope you enjoy the site.